Class Descriptions


Level 1:

This vinyasa class offers basic-level instruction with a primary focus on alignment. We will practice with a gentle flow, using foundational poses. We will also introduce yogic breathing in level 1.

Level 2:  

The instruction in level 2 will continue to focus on alignment and breathing, with more physically challenging poses in the vinyasa style.

Level 3:  

In level 3, instruction will assume prior experience with the names and structure of most poses. The instruction will be less focused on alignment and more geared toward faster flow sequences and master poses.

All Levels:  

This vinyasa class is recommended for practitioners of all levels. The Instruction will offer choices to adjust the intensity of each pose and movement.

Donation Class: 

Classes marked with an asterisk (*) are offered by donation as a way to make yoga more accessible to everyone in our community. You are welcome to join these classes for whatever you can comfortably afford to pay. If you are in a position to pay more, your payment will help ensure that others who need to pay less still have an opportunity to practice. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Candlelit Flow:

This is a candlelit evening flow for all levels. 


This style of yoga involves targeting connective tissue through deep stretches. Individual poses will be held for longer periods of time using slow, mindful transitions.  

Inversions Flow: 

For anyone interested in practicing inversions, this 90-minute class will fuse an inversion tutorial in each flow sequence. Recommended for advanced practitioners.

Spanish Class:

This is an all levels vinyasa class taught in Spanish. For anyone whose primary language is Spanish, or for those who simply want to improve their Spanish skills.


Every Sunday night we offer a meditation hour. Within the hour we will explore different meditative techniques. Be prepared for some gentle movements. We have mats and blocks available for sitting, and you are welcome to bring your own seat or cushion as well.