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Kundalini: Cultivate Neutrality

~Cultivate Neutrality~

Yoga for breaking up the physical, mental, & energetic blocks that pull us off center
with Renee (Amandeep Kaur)

"To win the game of life you must have caliber. To have caliber you must have … a mind that processes everything positive and negative, then acts from the Neutral Mind to express you. The Neutral Mind assess all positive and negative but does not react on that basis. The Neutral Mind acts to cause a cause that leads to the fulfillment of you and your destiny, you and your highest identity." -The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets-Yogi Bhajan

The neutral mind is like a scale.  It balances and weighs the information being offered to it by the positive mind (what could go right?) and the negative mind (what could go wrong?).  Strong neutral minds can evaluate and determine the best course within 9 seconds.  A weak neutral mind means that you might have trouble making up your mind and be at the mercy of a roller coaster of emotions.  The neutral mind slows that process down and allows you
to come from an objective, compassionate and devotional place. Obstacles become opportunities and you can see the blessings in all.

In this class we will do a specific set of physical exercises to bring balance
to the brain and practice a targeted mediation towards neutrality of mind.

Each Kundalini class includes physical activitity, sound vibrations, 
relaxation, and active meditations.
   Physical actions may resemble 
Hatha yoga postures, aerobic exercises, or dancing!  Sound vibrations, 
mantra, may be listened to or chanted. Mediations generally involve arm 
or hand postures along with specific breathing, chanting, or eye focus.

Most of all, you will have fun!