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Refine your Practice

How many times have you taken yoga class and found yourself in postures wondering...

- Am I doing this right?
- Is this good for me?
- What am I supposed to be feeling in this posture?

We've all been there.

Like everything in life it takes practice and time to understand the different layers of yoga. In group classes these days the instructor takes you through a flow, classes are often crowded, and there is not enough time for you to receive a more detailed breakdown of what to do.

This workshop designed to help you learn and refine techniques of alignment in the postures you encounter most frequently in class. 

Dennis Hunter and Adrian Molina will break down postures in a way that is simple to understand and apply so you can participate in any yoga class and know what works for you—what is healthy and safe for your body and what is not.

Come prepared to work and learn. This 90-min workshop is open to practitioners of all levels.


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