Anna has over 3000 hours of teaching experience. In addition to studio ­classes she’s teaching private and corporate sessions. She’s been teaching yoga to scientists and led yoga retreats in­ and outside of New York City. She continuously sets time aside for selfstudy and further education to grow as a teacher and student.

In her classes Anna puts the emphasis on breath awareness as a way to deal with the physical and mental challenges responsibly. She also stresses how individual the practice is; infinite opportunities open up when one chooses to follow ones own path, trust in the body’s immeasurable knowledge about itself, and make the exploration more internal than external. That allows the practice to meet you where you currently are and take you to where you need to go. In that vast ocean of possibilities we can at the same time, while on our own journey, find solace and strength in the undeniable truth our practice reminds us of time and time again: we're all inherently inter­connected somehow.

Anna studied yoga under the tutelage of Sam Chase, to whom she's infinitely grateful and continues to be inspired by, and breath­ technique under Cecilia Berefeldt in Sweden and Mirka Yementsakis in Greece. Anna holds a master in fine arts from The Stockholm University of Drama and Acting.

She lives in Astoria with her husband and ukulele­ playing 3­-year old son.



Daniela is a self taught mover who started exploring various movement arts and yoga styles after officially moving back to the big city from the Balkans. 

She synthesizes this variety of inspirations and is known for her dynamic flows and loves encouraging people of all levels and backgrounds to find joy in their movement and quality of life through mindfulness. 

As someone growing up between cultures, moving and breathing became a daily ritual, a way to clear away all the confusion and find greater clarity, strength and ease. She had no knowledge of yoga or mindfulness at the time, but this ritual was something that evolved on its own accord and has served as a compass in overcoming anxiety, isolation and depression. 

Daniela received her 200 hr from Laughing Lotus Yoga and has since completed countless trainings, workshops and private lessons with her favorite teachers. Her insatiable passion for moving and learning continues to change her life in amazing ways. 



Hadley began practicing yoga during a transitional period of her life and fell in love with the way the practice lightened her body and calmed her mind. She completed her 300 hour yoga training with Jivamukti Yoga in 2015, and then her 800 hour apprenticeship program with Jessica Stickler in 2017.

Her classes are energetic and dynamic, blending flexibility and strength while maintaining a sense of inward focus and devotion. You can also expect strong emphasis on the breath as well as detailed alignment instructions. She provides gentle but encouraging support, set to a meticulously curated playlist.

In addition to yoga, Hadley also holds certifications in Breathwork Healing Training 1 & 3 and has been practicing transcendental meditation since 2014. She is a lifelong traveler and is always looking for ways to grow. She hopes you leave her classes with a greater sense of freedom. 



Never take yourself or life too seriously. The Yoga practice has the ability to help us learn to accept ourselves for who we are while continuing to grow. Hope believes that yoga is truly for everyone and every body. Hope found yoga at a time in her life when she was experiencing severe depression and anxiety. Her therapist at the time introduced her first to meditation and then encouraged her to take a yoga class. Hope’s first class was a vinyasa yoga class and she left shocked by how quiet her mind was. She realized that the focus of matching breath-to-movement was the perfect way to get in touch with herself and facilitate authentic lasting change. After continuing to work in the clinical field for a few more years, Hope changed careers to become a yoga teacher and has never been happier. With her extensive experience in care-giving and health-promotion, Hope seeks to help her students deepen their relationship with themselves through self-awareness. Hope’s flows invite practitioners to be introspective and self-aware. We are all interconnected. Let us come together in this practice to deepen our understanding of ourselves in order to connect with others and to live a life of authenticity. Hope teaches a warm, inviting yet challenging vinyasa flow. Hope strives to teach the balance between hard work, discipline, and relaxation. Expect to sweat!



Jodi was first introduced to yoga at the age of 15 by her mother, a life-long health and wellness advocate. Years later it was a weekend retreat with her mom to the Kripalu Center that inspired her to take a 200 Hour Teacher Training at Sonic Yoga. Now as an avid student and practitioner of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, Jodi has over 700 hours of training including anatomy and kinesiology with Leslie Kaminoff, Thai yoga massage with the Lotus Palm School, Yoga Nidra with Rod Stryker, and Mindfulness Meditation with Tara Brach. She has also privately studied the Linklater and Alexander Techniques which continue to inform her teachings. Most recently Jodi completed a 3 month mentorship with one of her primary teachers, Juliana Mitchell, focusing on yoga for pelvic floor health. She is now on track to become an Interdisciplinary Herrera Pelvic Specialist. Jodi’s classes and workshops place an emphasis on breath, personal alignment, and moment-to-moment embodiment. To learn more about her work and offerings: PracticewithJodi.com

Jodi is also the creator of the online video series, “Jodi the Yogi”, a yoga and music program for preschoolers. Through this program she has shared yoga with thousands of children all over the world. She has also consulted for children’s yoga training programs and has worked with hundreds of kids, both typically developed and with special needs, throughout the New York city area. For free videos: Jodi the Yogi


www.juanpabloyoga.com  / Facebook page:  Juan Pablo Yoga

Juan received an undergraduate degree in English and Communications in New York, and pursued a successful career in corporate marketing spanning 15+ years. His passion for yoga led to his pursuit of an alternate career path. He holds a certification in Yoga recognized by The Yoga Alliance and is committed to living the principles of Yoga on and off the mat, continuous study and practice.

Increased stamina, reduction of anxiety and stress, increased clarity of thought, general well-being, and an overall sense of serenity are just the some of the rewards the student will find practicing with Juan. Possessing in-depth experience in teaching both groups and individuals, he is bilingual in English and Spanish, and conducts classes in both.

With the belief that Yoga, if practiced mindfully, can be a transformative experience leading to increased self awareness, Juan’s mission is to support his students in developing their own practices, ultimately identifying their own inner teacher. Whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, he invites all to share in the gifts yoga has to offer.

Juan is proud and grateful to be part of the Yoga Agora community and be in the company of such a special group of teachers and students. Namaste!!!

www.juanpabloyoga.com / Facebook page: Juan Pablo Yoga



Kelley has been drawn to movement her whole life, starting as a competitive gymnast at a very young age and making a healthy switch to ballet and modern dance as a teenager. Dance carried her through college at CalArts and brought her to New York in 2007, where she was a principal dancer with compani javedani and Yelleb Dance Ensemble. Yoga started out as a fun way to sweat and relieve stress after moving to NYC, but her casual hobby blossomed into a way of life thanks to her teachers at Yoga Vida, most notably Kyle Miller and Domenic Savino. Kelley leads a fun, creative, challenging yet attainable Vinyasa sequence set to a sweet, obsessively curated soundtrack that will get your heart rate up then calm you down. She offers modifications and advancements to make each class accessible and engaging for all levels of yogi.



Matthew Thomas Lombardo has been teaching yoga in NYC since 2003 when he completed a 200 hour training at OM yoga with Jennifer Brilliant and Dana Strong and Cyndi Lee.

In 2005 Matt completed the Jivamukti 300 hour teacher training at Omega Institute with Sharon Gannon and David Life, and the 500 hour Jivamukti apprenticeship with Paisley Fenyes. 

In 2011 he became Advanced Certified in the Jivamukti Method and mentors apprentices in the JY method. 

Matthew is also trained in Tibetan Heart Yoga series 2 and 3 through Asain Classics Institute, and Yoga Philosophy for Pure Yoga teacher training. 

In addition he has also taught at Bali Spirit Festival, Prague Spirit Festival and has been featured in the NY Times, Haute Living, Harper's, and Elephant Journal.



Certified Ashtanga Standing and Primary series with Scott Harig. Hot Power training with Loren Bassett and Tanya Boulton. Advanced teacher training with Miles Borrero. Inversion mentorship with Kiley Holiday. Prana Vidya meditation training with Yogi Charu. Extended Vipassana meditation training with Mahasi Sayadaw and Daw Viranani. Polarity Therapy mentorship with Ellen Krueger. See you on the mat!



Nick's classes are led with an emphasis on deep breathing and mindful movement. Practitioners are encouraged to move at their own pace and use meditation as the thread to connect breath to movement. Nick is very thankful to all his teachers, his first being Adrian Molina, creator of the Warrior Flow method, and then Sam Chase at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Nick is a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher under the guidance of his dear teachers David Life, Sharon Gannon, Jules Febre, and Rima Rabbath. Beyond asana practice, Nick also studies Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Transcendental Meditation technique under the tutelage of Joshua Pittman and Bhakti yoga with Prof. Joshua Greene and Radhanath Swami.



Movement and dance have always been part of Randi's life. She began dancing as a toddler and continued to dance, perform, and choreograph through college and after. She moved to New York City to continue her focus on dance and movement and found that yoga was not only something she loved to practice, but it also helped reduce foot pain she had developed from years of dancing. This "aha" moment inspired her to become a yoga teacher so she could help others cope with physical injuries, mental and emotional struggles, or just find clarity and groundedness after a hectic New York day. She completed her 200-hour teacher training, as well as a 100-hour mentorship program under Cindy Lanzas, at Yoga Vida in Noho.

Randi's teaching style largely focuses on helping students find proper alignment before moving deeper into a posture. Her sequences are challenging for students of all levels yet attainable for new students, as she provides variations for many postures. Randi is constantly inspired by the teachers and students she encounters in the New York yoga community and is very excited to deepen her ties with the Yoga Agora family. Visit randiceriniyoga.com for more information.



Rikki began practicing yoga in 2004 and was certified to teach in 2009. She has fallen in love with yoga and meditation for their ability to help us find both freedom and refuge in our bodies. In her classes you’ll find creative movement and a strong focus on mindfulness rooted in the Vipassana tradition.

Rikki started her meditation practice with Josh Korda at Dharma Punx in 2012 and currently studies with Chris Crotty of Boston Meditation Center. She studied yoga anatomy and alignment with Sam Chase and online with Tiffany Cruikshank. She received her Reiki I certification from Lisa Levine at Maha Rose. Her investigation of mind and body are ongoing and she loves sharing these tools with others.

With a background in photography, she holds an MFA in Integrated Media Arts from Hunter College, where she focused on non-fiction multimedia and documentary film.